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Go Door-to-Door the Easy Way!

Reach every home, every address, every time! Select your target area by map at eddm.usps
Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM) is a simplified mailing program offered by the U. S. Postal Service

  • Reach every mailing address in a target neighborhood
  • No mailing list needed
  • No permit required
  • Postage is only $0.20 / address (Rate update 8/29/2021)
  • Mail pieces must be larger than a regular letter
  • Sizes are 4x12, 6.2x6.2, 6.2x9, 6x12, 8.5x11 or 11x17 folded into 8.5x11.
  • Quantity must be one complete carrier route (average route is 400-600.)

Go to


Make your selections on the MAP
by selecting the target routes

Give us the zip code, carrier routes and total quantity

Target local prospects with special offers

ADG will custom design and print your mailers

Choose postcard with EDDM option and upload your images and text

Postage is only 20¢
SAVE big with EDDM

No mailing list needed
No addressing cost
No permit fees

ADG will provide all forms, sort, and mail your postcards within two days

Increase Your Business with EDDM

Businesses who service local neighborhoods will greatly benefit from EDDM.
Contractors, Real Estate Professionals, Fittness and Health Clubs, Restaurants, Landscapers and more...

Make Your Message the Center of Attention:

  • With EDDM you have an attention-grabbing low cost alternative to competing services like inserts in newspapers, or other shared programs.

  • Your piece stands on its own in the mail without sharing the spotlight.

  • Recipients aren’t overwhelmed with multiple offers and messages, giving them the opportunity to focus on what you have to say.

  • Plus, you can get into households that have become harder to reach due to the decline of newspaper subscriptions.

  • Refocusing your marketing with Every Door Direct Mail® postcards to a geographic area can make a huge difference in acquiring new prospects, and it's a low cost option.

  • Remarketing to the same area will create trust, loyalty and brand awareness, it'll encourage referrals and boost the bottom line for any business.

A Few Key Points About Every Door Direct Mail:

  • Targets every address down to the carrier route level, allowing you to mail to very specific areas as needed.
  • Reduces production costs related to addressing and mailing lists and simplifies the mailing process as it takes less time to prepare.
  • Gets your mailing delivered faster to every mailbox – residential or residential/business – along the chosen routes.
Start marketing to customers today. Build more traffic, increase business!

“I can't tell you how thrilled I am with the magnificent job you did! The quality and the quick service you provide is the best I have seen. If this marketing material doesn't make me look great, nothing will!”
Nancy Cormier- Oregon

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