Why Brochures Sell Things Faster?

Color brochures are excellent as sales tools, visual product sheets, pricing guides, and providing quick reference pages as a mini catalog of your product or services. Using brochures in your advertising plan can be an extremely effective tool to communicate what your business is. Take advantage of the space available, keep your text to a minimum. Brochures are your chance to use colors and graphics to attract attention to your messages. Folding them into 2 or 3 panels gives organized information without overwhelming the reader.

The brochures should have a theme from the following:

  • General Information
  • Pricing Guide
  • Product List
  • Mini Catalog
  • Sale Invitation
  • Special Promotion
  • Time Sensitive Offer
  • Announcement

Your Headline should be either your Business Name or a few words of eye catching headline. Then a few lines of smaller text to explain your offer, your contact details and website.

You want your brochure to stand out, so use bright and complementary colors as the background with 6-12 bright photos to enhance colors as accents. Do not use clip art...it does not create a professional image.

Once you have your brochures you can hand them out personally, or leave them with businesses in your area. Use it as a presentation aid at trade shows, or as newspaper inserts.

Enjoy your color brochures and the extra sales and success they will bring you.