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We can print and mail your postcards anywhere in the USA! SAVE time and shipping cost.

Direct mail is a profitable way to grow your brand, ensuring repeat business.

Use our direct mail to inform current clients and target new markets. Consistency pays! We offer presorted first class, presorted standard mailing, as well as non-profit rates for those who qualify.

  • Save up to 40% on mailing cost

  • Use our permit FOR FREE; a $175 SAVINGS per year.

  • Email your mailing list. Our prices include Database Management.

  • We have Mailing Lists available with multitudes of selects (income, age, homeownership, etc.).

  • Your mail pieces are directly imprinted with the addresses plus BARCODES, CASS and NCOA certified, and mailed the same day! Minimum order is 500 cards to qualify for the lowest postage rate.

  • See our Template for layout design guidelines to meet Post Office regulations, or visit the USPS Site for detailed information.


Non-Profit Postal Rates

If you are a non-profit, you could save more than 10 cents per piece in postage. Visit the USPS website to learn how to register to qualify for the lowest postage rates. Then use our permit for free.

EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)



Reach every home, every address, every time! Select your target area by map at eddm.usps & let us know your chosen zip code and routes. We’ll do the rest!

Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM) is a simplified mailing program offered by the U. S. Postal Service


  • Reach every mailing address in a target neighborhood

  • No mailing list needed

  • No permit required (we use ours)

  • Postage for Standard/Marketing rate is only $0.215 / address OR $0.124 for Non-Profit (Rate update 1/21/2024)

  • Mail pieces must qualify as a "flat mailing".

  • Quantity must be one complete carrier route (average route is 400-600.)

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  1. Go to

  2. Select by ADDRESS or ZIP CODE

  3. Select the target routes on the MAP

  4. Give us the zip code, carrier routes and total quantity



  • Target local prospects with special offers

  • ADG will custom design and print your mailers

  • Choose postcard with EDDM option and upload your images and text



Postage is only 21.5¢ for Standard/Marketing OR 12.4¢
for Non-Profit

SAVE big with EDDM


No mailing list needed

No addressing cost

No permit fees


Leave the paperwork to ADG and your mailers will arrive at the post office within two business days.

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Mailing List Available:


  • By ZIP CODE or Radius (Current Occupant)

  • Residential Leads Addressed by name or demography (age, income, homeownership, etc.)

  • Business Leads by SIC Code or Yellow Pages Heading

  • Mailing lists purchased from us are for a one time use only

All mailing lists are USPS CASS/DPV Certified to ensure you receive the most accurate, high-quality data available – guaranteed.

Use our direct mail services with your marketing campaign, inform current clients and target new markets. Consistency pays off.

We offer presorted first class, presorted standard, and non-profit mailing, click Order Online & log in/sign up for a quick quote.

Please read our direct mailing Terms and Conditions.

For more information or to order a mailing list, please call 1-800-342-3282, or email our mailing department.



We are an Authorized USPS Mailing Center; our mailing software is PAVE certified and is updated monthly to ensure the accuracy of the addresses. We CASS certify every list and run it against the NCOA registry for the most up to date mailing address.

CASS Certification is: (Coding Accuracy Support System)

BAR CODING for postal discounts, correcting Zip codes, adding Zip+4 and delivery point.

PAVE Certification is: (Presort Accuracy Validation & Evaluation)

Presort list for best postal rate Documentation for USPS of presorting. You will receive a copy once the mailing is done.

NCOA Registry is: (National Change of Address)

A secure dataset of approximately 160 million permanent change-of-address (COA) records consisting of the names and addresses of individuals, families and businesses who have filed a change-of-address with the USPS (, 2022)

Database Management Includes:


  • Update, sort and barcode your current mailing list to get the best possible postage rate.

  • List Standardization & Certification of Automation Compatibility by using USPS approved mailing software, updated with every mailing.

  • CASS Certification

  • NCOA Update

  • First time setup of your list

  • Update or delete your existing list

Database Management
Mailing Lists


Please use our Template for Post Office regulations for setting up your postcards for Direct Mailing.

Printable Version PDF – Direct Mail Template (1.4 MB)


Postcard Template
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