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The only way to get the exact postage for your mailing is to process your list. The USPS has varying rates for mailings, based on what type of classification it is (ie card, letter, flat), how far the mailers travel and how condensed your mailing area is. You can use this handy chart to give you a close idea of what to expect per piece.

2024 POSTAL RATES CHART (Effective January 21st, 2024)

*Letter mail pricing is up to 3.5 ounces. More than 3.5 ounces is a flat.

**EDDM is for Flat size mailers that are 4 ounces or less.

Mailing Qualifications for Machinable Mail

LETTERS (Could be an envelope, card, or folded mailer)
  • Rectangular

  • At least 3.5" high x 5" long x 0.009" thick

  • No more than 6.125" high x 11.5" long x .25" thick

  • More info on Letter mailers HERE

CARDS (Small postcards, for First-Class Mail price)
  • Rectangular

  • At least 3.5" high x 5" long x 0.007" thick (about the thickness of an index card, or 80# Cover Stock)

  • No more than 4.25" high x 6" long x 0.016" thick

  • More info on Postcard mailers HERE

FLATS (large envelopes, newsletters, magazines, etc.)
  • Have one dimension that is greater than 6.125" high OR 11.5" long OR .25" thick

  • Be no more than 12" high x 15" long x .75" thick

  • More info on Flat mailers HERE

Quantity Affects Prices – See Minimums for Best Rate

  • Stamped or metered single-piece (full price) First-Class Mail: no minimum

  • Permit imprint single-piece (full price) First-Class Mail: 200 pieces

  • Presorted & automation First-Class Mail: 500 pieces

  • USPS Marketing Mail (AKA Standard): 200 pieces OR 50 pounds

Nonprofit Rates & Who Qualifies

Find out if you qualify for nonprofit special prices, how to apply for nonprofit prices and how to prepare your nonprofit mail. Material being mailed must comply with strict requirements for nonprofit prices.


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