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1. Mission Statement

ADG Printing is a full-service printer, providing layout, scanning, color printing, large format digital printing (giclée), bindery and direct mailing at low cost for short run, full color projects. In order to keep our prices low and maintain a high standard of printing, we ask that you follow the simple guidelines below when preparing your projects.


2. Timing & Payment

Our policy is to turn around projects as quickly as possible therefore payment is required in advance. Once final approval is received, our turnaround options are same day, next day or 2 business days.


3. Proofing & Pickup

We provide email proofs within two business days of receiving your order, although large-scale projects such as multiple-paged jobs may require more time. For color sensitive projects, you may visit us on-site to see your images on our monitors, which are calibrated to our press or provide color samples for us to match after placing your order.
1-off proofs are available for an additional $25. Completed projects may be picked up or, for an extra charge, shipped via UPS, delivered via courier or blind shipped to your client.


4. Media

Materials submitted for printing may be simple hand-drawn layouts, high quality prints or digital files on any of the following media: CD • DVD • Flash Drive. You may also share files via FTP (over 10 MB) or email directly to (under 10 MB):


5. File Format and Software Programs

Ready-to-print files must be supplied in high resolution (300 dpi) formats such as PDF, TIF, PSD, High Res JPG, EPS, AI. No other file format will be accepted as ready to print. Layouts, examples, or text can be sent as: BMP, INDD, DOC, PUB or any of the formats above.


  • Adobe Acrobat

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe InDesign

  • Adobe Illustrator


6. Text

You may supply unformatted copy that you want ADG to typeset as handwritten or typed text, or supply text in an InDesign filter-supported format (i.e. Word, MacWrite, ASCII, RTF, TXT, etc.).


7. Technology

We print from computer directly to a full-color press.


8. Paper Stock

To keep our prices low we order the following stock in large quantities:

  • 120 lb uncoated cover or 111 lb gloss cover for postcards, folded cards and business cards

  • 100 lb gloss (or uncoated) text for flyers

  • 80 lb gloss (or uncoated) cover for brochures

Ultra-violet (UV) cured coatings can be applied on our 111 lb gloss cover and 80 lb gloss cover, at a nominal cost. This provides a protective high gloss finish to the project.


9. Resolution

We scan high quality prints on our flatbed scanner. If you will be providing scanned images on disk, bear in mind the final output. Please submit images at the actual size they will print, including bleed, with the following resolutions for best results:

  • RGB, CMYK or Grayscale: 300 ppi (pixels per inch)

  • Bitmap (i.e., B&W line art), 600 - 1200 ppi.


10. CMYK Images

When converting RGB images to CMYK in Photoshop you must set your conversion settings to match our calibration. Change the “Settings” to (Web Coated (SWOP) v2). Leave all of the settings to their default. If you have any questions, please email us at


11. Black & Photoshop

Make certain that all black type and drop shadows are created only in the black channel.


12. Black Backgrounds

To achieve a rich black for background in any application, create a new color that is a mix of C: 40% M: 30% Y: 30% K: 100%. Use only 100% K for text.


13. Layout and Bleeds

Please allow 0.125” extra image area on each side for any bleeds off the edge of your project. For example on a
6” x 4” postcard with a full bleed image, your provided file should be 6.25” x 4.25” at the appropriate resolution (see 9. Resolution). See our DMS template for post office regulation layout.


14. Links

Please include external links to your publication. Do not embed links into your files.


15. Font Issues

To eliminate font issues please send high resolution PDF files whenever possible. Some fonts may have licensing restrictions; make sure when you export the PDF all fonts are available. If providing native files, we request that all fonts be provided or converted into paths or outlines.


16. Knockouts & Strokes

Black text and any black design elements with fine lines should be set to overprint instead of knocking out. Do not overprint colors. Keep black strokes 0.5 pt. or larger.

9. Resolution
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